"The Power of People provides an exceptional primer for doing workforce analytics. It includes wonderful insights from thought leaders, and specific and usable tools for performing analytics." 


Dave Ulrich

Rensis Likert Professor, Ross School of Business, University of Michigan and Partner, The RBL Group

Thinkers 50, 2015

"Data analytics is a crucial and fast evolving organisational capability. This intriguing and fascinating book demonstrates not only the power of people analytics, but also creates a clear blueprint for building action-taking capability. A must read for any manager determined to add this valuable skill to their portfolio."

Lynda Gratton


Professor of Management Practice, London Business School

Thinkers 50, 2015

"Trusting your gut on people issues turns out to be a bad idea. Analytics on your workforce is the most rapidly-growing field of analytics. The Power of People is an excellent guide to this important and burgeoning topic."

Thomas H. Davenport


Distinguished Professor, Babson College and Research Fellow, MIT Initiative on the Digital Economy

"I believe you will find, like I did, that the frameworks and insights in The Power of People offer valuable steps toward realizing the potential of your workforce to create sustainable strategic success."

Dr. John Boudreau


Professor, Marshall School of Business and Research Director, Center for Effective Organizations, University of Southern California.

"This is quite an exceptional book. Extremely well researched, it constitutes essential reading for those involved in the burgeoning field of Big Data, giving first rate advice on good practice for all those involved in Workforce Analytics."

Professor Peter Saville

Chairman 10X Psychology and Founder SHL and Saville Consulting

"To build an extraordinary workplace, you need to harness the power of analytics. The Power of People provides a comprehensive look at latest research, offering best practices for leveraging the wealth of data now within our reach. If you want to master HR, you need to read this book."

Ron Friedman

Author of The Best Place to Work: The Art and Science of Creating an Extraordinary Workplace

Greta Roberts.jpg

"Today’s business executives are applying pressure to all aspects of their business (including HR and workforce areas) to use analytics to improve their bottom line. Despite this pressure there remain few resources for those looking to begin. "The Power of People" is an excellent primer providing definition and guidance for identifying, framing and successfully deploying analytics solutions to solve workforce challenges."

Greta Roberts

CEO Talent Analytics, Corp.

"We are barreling along toward the collision between Big Data, Analytics and the successful acquisition, development, and retention of people in our organizations. The Power of People gives data-led comfort and practical guidance to business leaders that shows we can not only survive the collision, we can harness its potential and emerge with a stronger workforce that is motivated for business and personal success."

China Gorman

Board Chair, Universum Americas

"Finally! An authoritative, thoroughly researched, clearly written book to help HR professionals be more data-driven. This volume discusses everything you always wanted to know about workforce analytics but were afraid to ask, with answers from top practitioners in the field."

Dr. Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic


Professor of Business Psychology (UCL and Columbia University), CEO of Hogan Assessments, and author of The Talent Delusion.

"Today Workforce Analytics is an emerging discipline which, in a few years time, will become mainstream. The Power of People is exceptionally practical and inspiring - essential reading for those executives willing to take on the challenge of transforming their organisations. By leveraging the authors’ as well as other leaders' extensive experience, this book is a true compendium for those wishing to navigate their transformation."

Manish Goel

CEO TrustSphere

"The Power of People is a great book for those who want to build, refine or fundamentally improve their HR Analytics offering. The authors have clearly undertaken some extensive research and are drawing on the experience of a wide range of people analytics experts. As a result their book is full of great advice and can be considered a really good guide for those wanting to realise the full potential of workforce analytics in their organisation."

Dr. Martin Edwards

Kings College London Business School

"Listening to what employees tell us and acting on it distinguishes 'average HR' from 'HR excellence.' New analytical capabilities mean we can discern what people are telling us by their actions rather than what they say they would do. The Power of People is an excellent book describing how to harness organisational capabilities using workforce analytics to predict what workers are most likely to do in the future and therefore how to impact business outcomes."

Alan Wild

Vice President Human Resources; Employee Relations and Engagement, IBM